Branded T-Shirts

If you are releasing a line of branded t-shirts, the importance of quality all around is cannot be underestimated.

At Cape Town T-shirt House, we have supplied high quality products to over 5000 clients around the world – making us the ideal partner for building a thriving t-shirt brand.

Whether you are aiming to create a product that rivals the likes of Armani or Billabong, or just need branded shirts for a corporate event, we will gladly assist.

We specialise in bulk orders where you can take advantage of unbelievably low prices without sacrificing any of the quality.

If you need customised t-shirts, our printing options ensure that your designs stand out on the fabric and are durable to ensure a long life cycle.

We take pride in offering our clients personalised service and will gladly work with you to ensure that your products meet the highest standard.

Talk to one of our consultants today for more information on branded t-shirts, or feel free to browse our website now to check out our massive range of products on offer.