Golf T-shirts

You can find a wide range of t-shirts on offer at Cape Town T-shirt House, all of which are of a superior quality.

Our plain t-shirts come in a wide range of colours, with sizes for children as well as men and women. We can also provide polo or golf shirts – also available in different colour options and sizes.

All of our shirts are made from 100% combed cotton and we can customise orders based on you specific needs.

We have become one of the largest wholesalers of t-shirts in South Africa, serving thousands of clients in countries around the world.

We take pride in boasting personalised service and go the extra mile to ensure that orders are completed promptly.

You can also order printed t-shirts and printed golf shirts with our machines providing quality prints that show off even the finest details.

Our products are comfortable and strong, ensuring a long life cycle, and orders can be done in bulk or in smaller batches for end users.

To find out more about the shirt options available at Cape Town T-shirt House, contact a consultant today.

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