Cleaning Cloths and Rags for Industrial Use

If you need cleaning cloths and rags for industrial use, Cape Town T-shirt House has you covered.

We are one of South Africa’s largest t-shirt wholesalers, having been operating for over three decades, and have served thousands of clients around the globe.

Whether you are running a workshop and need rags to wipe oil-covered hands on, or want high quality cloths to clean surfaces, Cape Town T-shirt House has options for you.

We can handle bulk orders of any size and can deliver around South Africa.

Choosing to go for cleaning cloths and rags for industrial use will also save you money in the long-term, as it works out cheaper than having to constantly restock paper towels.

The high quality material that we use also ensures that the cloths will not rip and tear quickly, while it will also absorb as much mess as possible.

To find out more about any of our products and services, contact a consultant at Cape Town T-shirt House now, or alternatively you can browse through our selection online.